The success of a website is measured in terms of traffic generated to it. Thus, in today’s scenario where whole world is heading towards digitization, traffic on a particular website is of utmost importance. Traffic brings leads, the longer these leads spend time on your website, the higher is the chance of converting them into potential customers. There’s no use of a website which cannot convert leads to customers and customers to loyal customers.

Website owners have faced situations wherein their site may generate lots of visitors but these visitors do not stay for long. This may be because the first impression of the website on them may not be very impressive or may be because they may not find things they were looking for. Here are some of the possible reasons why visitors do not stay for long on your website:

1. Poor Site Navigation

Website navigation is often ignored by website designers, but it is not a thing to be taken for granted. Why? Because it can make your visitor view the insights of your website and not just the homepage. With the aim of finding something, visitor lands on your website but bad navigation would annoy them and result in leaving your website. Thus, keep it simple, clean and designing the navigation bar in Flash, is a big NO.

2. High Loading Time

With the advent of 4G, 5G and the world is working to bring 6G just to increase the internet’s speed. Today, when people are happily paying high just to enjoy fast internet, slow loading pages will annoy the visitors and without giving a second thought they will leave your website. Use “website speed test tool” to check the loading time of your website and if it is slow, work on it. A slow website is liked by none and no one wastes time waiting for website to load. Instead they choose to leave the website.

3. Poor Qualitative and Quantitative Content

Your content describes you. So to give the best description about you, a content rich in terms of both quality and quantity is very important. Provide all necessary information that your customer may expect from you. If one will not find the desired information, he/she will immediately leave and switch to another website. For this, before writing content, research about your target audience, try to know about their needs and try to fulfil it through your content. Do not forget about the fonts being used. It should be of readable size and a professional font.

4. Advertisements

Just like advertisements are annoying while watching a movie on a television, too many ads on the site will definitely irritate your visitor. In case of television, person changes the channel while in case of web, person will change the website. So, avoid displaying too many ads so that your visitors are not distracted or frustrated by you only.

5. Browser’s Incompatibility

No matter how good your website is, it should be compatible with all kinds of browsers and devices. The website should be such that any visitor can access it on any type of browser.

6. Broken and Dead Links

Broken link is a very big loophole of a website. To avoid this, you should periodically keep on checking your website and fix a dead link immediately, if it is found. Broken links creates a very negative and unprofessional image of your website in front of your visitors.

7. Missing “about us” Page

Just like the first question of an interviewer to an interviewee is “tell me something about yourself?” a visitor also wants to know in brief about you. Why is it important? It’s because your “website” will build an image of you while your “about us” will define that image built.

8. Images Not Displayed

Images are important as they have the ability to convey more than the text. Overuse of images makes the site appear immature while no images can make it boring. So, a decent number of images with highest quality and correct dimensions should be included. Seeing blank black space in place of images will decrease the interest of your visitor in your site and he goes and search for a better website than yours.

9. A “register with us” Page

Many websites today do not allow visitors to browse through the website without registration. A visitor is a king and stopping him to go through your website without registration will be against his pride. He may not like to share his information with you till you have won his trust. This may be the reason of him leaving your website. Do not force your customers for anything.

10. Too much flashing and scrolling

Flash videos sometimes irritate the eyes of the user. Scrolling down the page to read more to search the desired information is annoying. Both these reasons make your visitor leave your site. Remember to include all your information before the point where scrolling starts.

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