Dear Dad,

Will the Judiciary hang its head in shame?

I know, I went away, too soon, too far. But, I have been watching the circus from the heaven above. I am in a good place. A better place than where you and mom are or have been in the past so many years.

A decade? Nearly? I lost count of time. I lost count of the days, the court hearings, the mud-slinging matches between you and those who thought you murdered me and butchered me, and those who thought you killed me to save your honour. How dare they…

Dear Mrs,

Your vagina is not yours!

I hope your marital life (let’s call it marital bliss to ensure we do not inconvenience those like the respected Seetha Anandanam of the RSS Women’s wing who believe in the sanctity and the piousness of the bond and rubbish Marital rape), is doing (read screwing) you well, and every single day of your life. After all you are Mrs and the Mr cannot be refused to make merry. Because, marriage?

So, after your household chores, your bones can hurt, your muscles can tear, but vagina? It must work for the master so…

kudrat sehgal

Red-lipstick feminist. Almost. A news digital strategist by profession and a dreamer by birth.

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