Participating in the Distribution of US$1M via IndiGG’s Partnership with Rooter

The affiliations going in the IndiGG ecosystem as been superfluous and very beneficial to its community.

The aim of the Indian Gaming Guild is to bring the facilitation of Web3-facilitated software to the surface via games, hence, the collaborations.

The Web3-Creating Program

To boost the programming of newer games using Web3-facilitated software, IndiGG launched a “Web3 Creator Program,” to promote the springing-up and growth of quality Web3-facilitated games in the Indian subcontinent.

What does this Web3-facilitating program aim at?

● Promoting India’s game creators

● Increase the popularity of Web3 gaming, both on a subcontinental and international level.

Web3 Streaming

Apart from game creation, another major focus of the Web3 Creator Program is the streaming of these games online.

In recent years, streaming games has been a trend, and now most especially the streaming of decentralized blockchain games.

IndiGG wants to see the gaming world transit from its present technology to the futuristic blockchain gaming tech which provides you with much more security, encryption, and ownership rights, like non-fungible tokens.

IndiGG’s collaboration with Rooter, which happens to be one of India’s largest game streaming and electronic sports platforms, will see the support of game creators and streamers in the communities of both networks.

And just so you know, India is home to over 300 million registered and certified game users, of which more than fifty percent of this population streams games (both normal and decentralized) every month.

Are you ready to share in a pool of a million US dollars?

Yes, you read that right.

Created especially for game creators and streamers, there is a pool holding a million dollars.

If you happen to be among the top 1,000 best creators and streamers, you will be chosen to have a share of the fund circulation.

To be among the top, your content has to have good quality as an advantage. A workshop is readily available if you wish to learn more about programming and streaming.

You can apply using the form below.

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Join the IndiGG community worldwide, and startup on all your play-to-earn gaming quests.

About IndiGG

IndiGG (Indigo Gaming Guild) is a subdivision of the decentralized autonomous organization operated by Yield Guild Games (YGG).

The gaming system — which is also based on cryptocurrency — was built with the Polygon network as its chief partner, to create a P2E (play-to-earn) gaming center within the Indian subcontinent and beyond.

IndiGG is itself a network where individual players can explore the excitement in gaming, participate in fun metaverses, and have thrilling opportunities to earn in form of exchangeable cryptocurrencies.

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