Kufukaa has a new cotton-denim apron to add to their expanding range of homeware products, but it isn’t what you would expect.

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We have partnered with the geniuses of the culinary world in Kansas City to create an exclusive denim apron for promoting digital detox and family bonding as the pandemic continues to cloud the United States. The Wrap-front collection by Kufukaa is a new own-brand collection of kitchen and homeware that celebrates the quality and craftsmanship of small, made in the U.S.A independent brands. Each person involved in creating products for the collection takes a quintessential household necessity and interprets it to include the community around by promoting a message.

Naturally, as the number one choice for artisan aprons in the U.S.A, we were eager to participate in creating a unique product for the collection. While making a full red, green and blue denim apron would have been cool and vibrant, it is also quite a practical choice for the professional chef and culinary workers. We opted for a simpler but similarly striking stitch and detailing, which captures the essence of the Kufukaa brand without compromising on what makes this denim apron a Kufukaa wrap-front denim apron. …

After successfully disrupting the profit-oriented scene of digital marketplaces, aesthetic and quality handmade lifestyle products are now available to buy from eccentric corners of the world.

(Kansas City, Missouri) Kufukaa LLC has launched a marketplace announcing the first-ever shopping platform with products from digitally isolated regions. Aiming to focus the power community building, the company is creating a network of sellers from outlying zones (e.g Kenya, Taiwan, and India) who couldn’t afford resources to bring their business into the mainstream market where websites and apps influence buyer decisions.

The new model of buy-directly-from-the-makers is currently in operation and proudly showcased by Kufukaa’s website, delivering sustainable and nature-made apparels and accessories, all without outrageous margins of profit. …



Sustainable and ethically made products from native artisans around the world. Visit us at www.kufukaa.com.

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