Kuhustle: Behind the scenes

Interview with one of our team members — Sevelyn Kinya aka ‘Seve Gats’

Tell us about yourself:

I am Sevelyn Kinya, 26 years old, last born in a family of seven. I enjoy reading novels and listening to gospel music. I studied project management. I like to see people earning a living and I help people where I can by sharing opportunities that are out there with them.

I love to dream, I got my ’15 minutes of fame’ from using photoshop to edit myself into pictures of various places that I would like to visit. I like challenging myself. My favourite quotes are ‘If you believe it you can achieve it.’ and ‘Fake it until you make it.’ I have seen my dreams become a reality as a result of my persistence. This led me to Kuhustle through Sam Gichuru who saw my potential. I now work at Kuhustle as a project manager.

What was your first impression of Kuhustle?

At first I was surprised that people are not dressed officially, but still work. I expected to have a lot of water cooler chats, but everyone was busy working on their laptops with earphones on. I found people very motivated since everyone was busy working. This demonstrated great work ethic. I felt like I was at home. People were nice. I felt welcomed.

How is it working for kuhustle?

While working here I have grown to understand what Kuhustle is about and how it works. As a project manager, I am managing project delivery on behalf of the client through directly dealing with the freelancers. I was introduced to a great number of online communication channels and productivity tools like skype, twitter, dropbox, olark and I’ve been working with these on a more regular basis. I’ve engaged with freelancers and interacted with them to understand what they do.

So far, I have grown professionally. I have learnt a lot through education and training on the platforms. I have grown in my communication skills, I am able to better interact with individuals. I get to challenge myself through trying out new things every day. I am getting more experienced. I definitely like working here.

What would you think freelancers can improve on to get better jobs?

Freelancers can improve on two main things:

Firstly, freelancers need to learn how to deliver projects on time. Timeliness is important and can be the difference between getting a repeat job and losing jobs altogether.

Secondly, freelancers need to be more clear with their work. If freelancers, concentrated on the key deliverables that the client has shared and not go outside of the scope. This helps ensure that they deliver the right work in time. Getting the scope wrong means that there are a lot of delays when the client keeps correcting the freelancer’s mistakes. This can be a great loss for the freelancer, and they may end up feeling frustrated at the end of the job.

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