Meta-Pebble: Easy Mining Everywhere You Go

MachineFi describes the intersection of smart devices and finance.

MachineFi rewards the individual owners of data who can now opt in to share this data for rewards. Projects rewarding people for their data include educational, research, health companies and more.

You can explore this topic in more detail in one of the most read articles by Art Malkov on the Forbes website.

Think of the time you spend using smart devices daily. You will be amazed at how strongly they are integrated into your life. All these devices are equipped with various sensors for reading and recording data. Now ask yourself the question: do you really own these data? Is all this information gathered useful to you? What if I tell that it is possible to own and get rewarded for all your personal data?

It’s not a secret that a mobile phone is a storehouse of information about you or the world around you. What do I mean? Look at the number of high-tech scanners and sensors that your phone has.

  1. Face ID can show and share your identity information as well as your mood;
  2. Microphone is a representative of your voice and sounds that surround you;
  3. GPS is a well-known tracker of your location and other experiences;
  4. Cameras are literally your eyes, and in the future, memories.

In addition to information about you, the phone can collect details about the world around you.

  1. Barometer for air pressure metrics;
  2. Accelerometer to measure your speed when driving, running, etc.;
  3. Proximity sensor can measure distance;
  4. Magnetometer used for for e-compasses directions ((North, South, East, West);
  5. LIDAR (distance/range);
  6. Light sensor (e.g. to adjust screen brightness, save battery power);
  7. And many others.

Having learned all this, you will surely want to make your personal information work for you, right? Meet Meta-Pebble — an iOS/Android App that connects users’ data from their phones to blockchain, while keeping that data secure and private under the users’ control and ownership.

MachineFi Portal enables you to connect your Meta-Pebble and grant permissions to various dApps to process the data that you generate with your daily activities. When you grant access to your data, it benefits both you and the dApps!

Read more about the MachineFi Portal here.

Just imagine if you could get a commemorative NFT for visiting an exhibition and some kind of an airdrop for a sensory expression of your emotions. There are times in life when things don’t go according to plan. How good would it be for you to easily confirm your alibi in case of an unforeseen situation thanks to the “Proof of Anything” consensus, and for this also be rewarded with a potential airdrop? Sounds like something incredible?

Let’s see how this is supposed to work in practice. After you have granted permission to connect your Meta-Pebble to a particular dApp, your phone turns into your pocket mining device, which does not give off the power of the device, Meta-Pebble reads and transmits information securely based on the GPS sensor (in future versions there will be other sensors available for information processing), and allows users to mine and monetize from the data that is now on-chain. Isn’t it crazy to receive crypto rewards for doing your daily routine?

The Meta-Pebble NFT — this is an indispensable access pass that will turn your ordinary smartphone into a real mining device. This is your key, to start using the MachineFi portal and connect to various dApps that will reward you when you agree to share data with them.

MachineFi Portal is a place dedicated to developers and ordinary users who understand the importance and possibility of their data and know how to properly handle it. You can learn more about the platform here. Learn how to join the Mint List to get your Meta-Pebble NFT

MachineFi is the future direction of Web3 development. This is a technical breakthrough in combining real-world data and blockchain technology. Thanks to such unique developments as Meta-Pebble and MachineFi Portal, the actual management of your data becomes possible not only for crypto-savvy people, but also for all owners of ordinary smartphones!

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