Why do I do it all?

It’s simple. I was born in one of the poorest countries on earth (maybe the poorest). I pretty much didn’t have a chance on earth to make anything important. I’m supposed to be part of those that don’t do shit, don’t achieve shit, die and no one gives a shit.

Though I had a choice, I could be one of those “conventional” perfect poor kids, you know those perfect kids in schools and universities doing their best to be perfect as shit, because that the only way they have to be accepted, recognised or just trusted.

Full disclosure, I totally understand why you won’t trust a Congolese developer easily, I know Congo hasn’t done much in software so far, so I’m not blaming you who don’t trust, nor am I blame the one trying to be trusted, I’m stating the facts.

I’m not conventional, anyone who knows me knows I’m a fucking cocktail, I’m a Congolese who listens to American, Brazilian, french, Congolese and Australian music. I love slow, zouk, rap, techno, salsa, everything. I speak french like a Parisian, English like a south African, Swahili like a Katangese. I listen to audio-books like “The martian”, “Everyman” (listen to this one, it’s so great), “Rich dad poor dad”, “Alibaba: the house jack ma built”, “Elon musk”, I read Mandela’s stories, I love video games.

So I couldn’t do that. What could I? Break rules? Nah, I’m not such a rebel (and I find it pointless, all revolution end badly for the revolutionary).

This is what I did, this is what I do: I make my own world, use some of my old cultural rules, create some new ones, borrow some French, American, Chinese rules, whatever works. Didn’t I say cocktail?
I believe I don’t subscribe to any rule or label. Yes, I’m not original, many have said that before me. I never claimed I was original or special. I claim that I don’t care and you shouldn’t, why? read further.

So why do I do it all? why live? why work? why try?:

I do it because I believe anyone of us can have an impact on the earth, a street, your bedroom or the universe (I don’t know what your fight is and how big it is, just know you can have an impact).
I also know that unfortunately only a few of us will have an impact, forget the commercial shit, the “we all are going to leave a trail”, I’m sorry no. Many of us, will fade and I’m afraid as shit to fade with them.

I do it because I think I have something to say, I don’t know who to say it to, so I’ll talk until someone feels what I’m saying. Someone gets me.

I do it because I want to be happy, because even though I’ve a big sense of empathy, sometimes, just sometimes, I want it all to be about me.

I do it, because, I want to help people. That’s why I always work on projects that can answer this question, “How does it make people life’s easier?”.

That’s where my mind asks me if it’s about you, why do you say it out loud: well dude, because I can. (Thank God, the internet).

So I do it all because I want to do better things, I want my potential, whatever I was born with, or whatever I learnt to be used to make things better, people happier, to make me happier.

what’s about that? hum? all of us getting a bit happier, before reality kicks in and we all get sadder.

P.S: Share this, or don’t. Be happy or don’t.