Leuit, Local Wisdom of Baduy Tribe Community in Indonesia as an Alternative of Agricultural System for Food Security

Source : http://budaya-indonesia.org/LEUIT-TETEPAKAN/

Indonesia is one of the agricultural country in the world that make agriculture as one of the main livelihood for the people. According to the data from a statistic center that Indonesia has 8,112,103 hectare of agricultural land. Main crops that become the main food needs in Indonesia is rice. Then rice became an important commodity in a farm. Rice productivity in Indonesia reached 53.41 quintal / hectare. But because the population of Indonesia is increasing with the new generation, the food security is one of the important things to think about, so as to prevent starvation in Indonesia and in the world.

Indonesia as an archipelago country has many traditions and cultures are different in each region, one of which is Leuit. Leuit is one of the local knowledge held by local communities of Baduy tribe from Banten Province that located at Java Island in maintaining food security in the village. Leuit is the place to save the harvest of local communities Baduy tribe. Local communities do not use rice that is stored in Leuit for daily consumption. Yields of rice stored in Leuit only used for traditional ceremonies, weddings and transmitted to children. Moreover, the purpose of making Leuit is to keep a backup of grain to need when the unexpected such as during a natural disaster, and famine. It has become a business of Baduy tribe in anticipation to food security in the future.

Leuit can store grain up to 100 years old. It has the ability to maintain the paddy from weather, pests and diseases, and has a good air system, so that the dried grain can be stored in the long term. Baduy community believe that the old rice growing older, it will be the better. Rules to enter the rice, rice-old placed at the bottom and then coupled with new rice grains, but when it will be taken to be used, will be taken is the top rice (the most recent.).

Each family in the community Baduy tribe certainly has Leuit by different amounts. Each can accommodate 400 bond Leuit rice. Leuit spaced apart to the settlement to avoid the possibility of burning Leuit if there are homes in the settlements were burned. Because the houses are made of bamboo and Leuit so it’s easy to get burned. Leuit building made of wooden poles, bamboo-walled and thatched.

Advances in technology which is currently growing in the world should be proud, as their new innovations in every field, especially in agriculture to ensure food security in the future world. Then we also need to look deeper into the society which still adheres to the rules of the ancestors to keep the local wisdom that is still practiced today as Leuit. So we need to examine more deeply that a local wisdom should need to be maintained, and although we live in a global world of innovation, but we never to forget a local wisdom. Think globally, Act locally!

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