There are no shortcuts

Hello there. I’m impatient and I lack self-discipline. How you doing.

I’ll admit it. Patience isn’t my strength but I’m still a work in progress. I’m trying, but I know I’m not trying hard enough.

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been looking into internships and other opportunities because summer will be here soon and I will officially be unemployed. I told myself I’ll write and read during this break, recharge before school, come back with material that needs to be worked on, look for places to submit, so on and so forth.

Long story short, my goals are unmarked. I have no completed checklist. I go back to school in a week and I’m ashamed for not accomplishing what I wanted.

But did I really try? Did I make the effort to wake up at 8 in the morning to write for at least an hour? How many times did I choose The Get Down or Girlfriends to finishing Bad Feminist? (Answer: Too many times to count)

I’ve been in a slump because I formulate short prompts in my head and I have the idea of writing them, but I never actually write them. I’ve looked at old pieces for inspiration, edited a few, closed the Word document and picked up my phone.

I get distracted too easily — by Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram — all forms of social media that aren’t really contributing to me growing as a writer. I’m a slave to constantly knowing what’s happening in other people’s lives instead of going forth and taking control of my own. There is never a definite “Finish Line” for writers; no piece is ever really finished and wrapped with a bow.

I have this idea that doing the bare minimum and finding shortcuts is good enough. I’m so full of shit. (Honestly, I’ve been in school all my life. Why am I drawing these conclusions now?)

If you’re in a writing funk, if you’re being lazy, if you’re not putting in enough effort — you’ll never get remotely close to your Finish Line. Admit it. Bask in it. And just get to work.

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