After covid-19 : how much business will change

Post pandemic business changes

  1. Behavioural shifts : our society, environment, customs direct the human behaviour. covid 19 bring a huge awareness in people’s beliefs and customs. Before this pandemic people were interested to go to markets, stores to buy products but now customers give priority to online shopping. So there preferences and buying patterns will likely to change a lot. They want to avoid social contact. So leaders need creative thinking and digital marketing to avoid all these problems.
  2. Safety pattern of workers: safety of workers will become main issue for every business house. Workers may feel hesitation to work with large number of people and come in contact of each other. So the work from home will be the best option for some jobs and for other jobs worker’s safety and social distencing should be considered.
  3. New leadership skills: Thinking about new ways of operating the bussiness and managing more people during this pandemic environment ,will test the leaders. Leaders will have to deprive companies into digital future faster , leaders will need to be more creative and learn new tricks. The concept work from home is developing everywhere , So they need to supervise both online as well as offline jobs. After this pandemic leaders will become more adaptive.
  4. Small and medium businesses may group together: Many companies are continuously suffering losses and become insolvent during this lockdown. So to overcome these losses and other problems, small and medium size companies may group together for converting losses into profits.
  5. Being a self Reliance nation: after pandemic, we will become more protective and conservative. As the main reason behind spreading the covid-19 is to treat the world as a village . It will effect negatively. That’s why countries may become more nationalistic and less globalised. Nations will try to become self- Reliance and produce products locally as viruses are transferring from one country to another.





studying, exploring, learning, writing

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Kuldeep kaur

Kuldeep kaur

studying, exploring, learning, writing

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