The Economic Incentives Around Annoyed Tigers

Taken by Sam 🐷 & Markus Spiske on Unsplash, badly edited by me

The hope is to learn to look at problems with more clarity, less emotion and arrive at solutions more rational, powered by thoughts more deliberate.

Weighing the Incentives

One thing I’ve come to terms with after a lot of resistance is that humans are just not wired for collective interest (you might call me a cynic but I’m open to a discussion). We’ve primarily evolved to look after ourselves and our own. Everything that happens around us can be analyzed with this basic principle.

To a tiger that dreams of utopia and complains about living conditions, I’d first give a hug and then a copy of 1984.

But this approach is not without its challenges. Recently Tiger Temple which ran around similar models was shut down because it was discovered to be a major hub for trafficking. 40 dead cubs were found in the freezer. So there is a serious requirement of supervision.

Closing Thoughts

The best chance for tigers is to have their interests aligned with ours.