Why cooking your meals can be a valuable life skill

Kuldeep Singh
Sep 3, 2016 · 2 min read

Modern professional life is full of schedules. Working at the office 9-5 and spending the nights with friends.
Eating out is slowly becoming a norm. If you observe carefully, 3 out of your five friends either eat the food served in the office cafeteria or have hired a cook to prepare their meals. If you ask why don’t they cook themselves, be ready for a disapproving stare that means:

I can’t cook! I have no time!

We all want to eat healthy food, but we are not ready to prepare it for ourselves. That is because we think we cannot. However, the truth is that many people believe the food they cook might not turn out be of that excellent taste that they used to savor in their homes. It’s true that the best of chefs cannot recreate the magic that our mothers bring to the table, but that does not mean that we should give up on ourselves.
Let’s explore some advantages of cooking your meals.

Transformation into a cook

The best thing about cooking your meals is that you become your cook. You get the best materials you can buy, you prepare the setting, and you set the portion of each spice or material that will add to your dish.

Cleanliness and health ensured

How many of us have even thought of visiting the kitchen of your favourite restaurant, and if they maintained the standards of cleanliness and hygiene while cooking your favourite meal? Well, when you cook in your kitchen, you don’t want dirty dishes or a smelly kitchen. So, you will ensure the neatness automatically when it comes to preparing your meal.

Develops self-reliance

Cooking, is by no means, an easy process. However, if taken slowly and patiently, it is a great skill to acquire. If you know how to cook, you don’t need to depend on others to cook for you. For employees who travel, it’s an indispensable skill that gives them freedom and an option to have their favourite meals, no matter where they live.

Lots of customisations

As you grow older in experience with cooking, you may learn to customise your meals in myriad ways. Cooking is a process consisting of many steps. In the beginning, every cook learns the norm but later, he doesn’t need a cookbook to make a meal. Besides, you might get to make new dishes.

Who knows, your concoction might turn out to be the next best recipe!

Kuldeep Singh

Written by

Tester by day, Artist by dusk. @Kuldeep007

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