Ballerina: Thinking about names .. why restrict to English?
Sanjiva Weerawarana

IMO, the problem with using non-english words in code, is that it raises a major problem in maintainability. Not only do you have to understand the code, you have to additionally learn the language as well.

The major upside I see in your solution is this: “ The cool thing is that an editor that is aware of the different language bindings can show the “English version” of this code, with respect to reserved words, automatically and with ZERO loss of information.” If I understood it properly, what it means is that I could write:
ශ්‍රිතය එකතුකිරීම (නිඛිල අංක1, නිඛිල අංක2){

and it will translate to:
function addition(int number1, int number2){


I can understand how a reserved keyword such as “function” can be pre-configured to be translated to “ශ්‍රිතය”, and how “int” can be mapped to “නිඛිල”. However when it comes to the user defined names, does this mean that there would be a internationalization pack/lang pack that will be extendable to that level as well? If so, that is a pretty good solution.

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