Your purpose.
It’s in the moment. Everything is. Remember when you were 5 years old? Maybe you do or maybe you don’t. But, what if I were to ask you if you remembered how it felt like to be a 5 year old? You couldn’t regain the feeling. Maybe you could think of the thoughts and remeberence of yourself and how you were back then, but the feeling of actually being a five year old is experienced only by a five year old.
We’re constantly evolving every day by everything we do, learn and experience. It’s a chain that’s constantly going on and has no one to control. You live this circuit with your family, friends, acquaintances; the people that are in your life. Maybe what we don’t realise is that we live most of our lives by ourselves. It’s you you spend most amount of your every day with. It’s not that you’re someone in yourself but it’s about knowing who you are. Don’t worry if you haven’t figured yourself out yet. Most people haven’t and what’s even worse is that most people don’t even try. But ask yourself , “Are you like most people?”.
Make a change; first, to yourself. We’ve all been there when we’ve got a strange feeling in our minds as we stare into nothing and ask ourselves as to where are we and what the heck are we doing with ourselves. Well, what are you doing? Don’t let others make that decision for you. The people that are in control of themselves are the people that know themselves. So? Do you know yourself? Ask yourself that question before you go to bed every single day.
It’s when we know ourselves we can determine where we want to go, what we want to do and who we want to be with. It’s almost allowing your existence to have some purpose.
Can you remember how it felt like when you were a 5 year old? It doesn’t matter. Memories take you back and dreams take you forward. Balance these values in the present and have a purpose for now.
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