FriendFeed replacement

FriendFeed was great when it came out and I'm still sad it lost its way and is shutting down but it’s time to move on and find something else. People share more on social networks now (than when Friendfeed was at its peak), wouldn't it be great to have a place that aggregates someone’s social media activity and presents it well? The main use case is looking up job candidate’s profiles, researching people for speaking gigs, stalking someone (not in a criminal kinda way) with the main aim of saving me time finding each of their different service profiles (Twitter, Instagram, Github etc).

I did some searching for services that offer this kind of thing but didn’t come up with anything interesting so I started knocking up something myself and am already moderately happy with my work already.

Get in touch if you know of a service that matches this description or are curious to see my webapp — jb (at)

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