30% people in India suffer from food poverty, and at the same time, one million tonnes of food is wasted. In fact, India is worst waster of food in World. Supermarkets, restaurants, cafes and caterers contribute significantly to this figure. This isn’t their fault, it’s just that uncertain demand means that good food goes unsold. Disposing of food adds to the already high costs of running their business.

There are many wonderful organizations helping the needy in every town in India. On the other hand food businesses often have good food that they haven’t served at the end of the day. Often businesses and charities are unaware that they can help each other. To solve this problem, Accessfood brings them together in order to reduce both food waste and food poverty. We do this with the use of a snazzy app, legal contracts and a network of businesses and charities willing to restore some of that old Indian community spirit based on shared food.