Don’t Buy Anything Till 24th November

Don’t buy.

This can be injurious to wealth.

If you are an online marketer, a blogger, an SEO agency owner, a web designer, a social media manager, a writer or any online business owner.

Don’t buy anything.

Thinking to buy hosting for your new blog?

An SEO tool to get more raking in Google?

A plugin to add more functionality on your WordPress blog?

or a theme to make your blog blog look amazing.

I am saying it again, don’t buy anything.

Being a wanapreneur, we are sole decision makers. We decide which hosting we are going to buy for our blog, which book we are going to read, which software we are going to buy to make our life awesome, or which course we are going to join to become better in our business.

Because ultimately we want to grow our online empire.

But if you buy these things right now, you are going to regret later.

No, I am not saying that they will ruin your business, or they are going to be destructive in nature.

All I am saying is, JUST WAIT.

I am doing blogging since 2011.

I wait for this month desperately, I make a list of the products I am going to buy, list of plugins, softwares, themes, courses, and anything which can help me to grow my business.

I wait for the magical day.


Yes, Black Friday is the day when most of the online companies will offer huge discounts.

So heave discount that you can buy things 1/5th of the actual price.

Here are some examples.

  1. BlueHost hosting with 75–80% discount.
  2. WordPress plugins with 70% discount.
  3. Domain names in just $0.50.
  4. 80–90% discount on popular courses.
  5. 80% discount on WordPress themes.

and many other unbelievable discount offers which you can never ever find during the whole year.

It’s a day of discounts.

It’s Black Friday.

This year, it’s on 24th November.

Mark this date.

Save it in your Calendar, your Google Calendar, your To-Do app or any other app where you can get the notification on this day.

I will share all awesome details here.

Click on this link, if are interested for Black Friday deals.

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