Changing names is a very common phenomenon not just today but for many years now. Women and men change their names for one reason or the other. Women usually rechristen selves after marriage and either add their husband’s surname after their surname in the name or completely remove their maiden name and take their husband’s surname after their name. Hence, name change requests at other essential documents viz. passport, ration card, PAN card, etc. is a regular feature for the officials sitting at the offices of the concerned authority. They receive name change requests on a daily basis from women, men and children.

There is a set-procedure or a process of getting name changed. It is not that straightforward to take on a new identity and a lot of legal formalities are involved without which no one can change their original name or else it will be a punishable offence. Once you clear all the formalities, then you can change your name easily with the required proof and identification documents that it is you who has changed the name and there is no fraudulent element who is disguising under your identity. All such processes are to avoid fraudulent activities and to easily figure out anti-social elements in the society. Name change procedure requires legal formalities and documentation throughout the world and not just in India. The process of taking on a new name is a bit long and requires one to provide proof at every stage.

One of the many stages of getting rechristened is publishing the same in a newspaper whether a national daily or a regional paper. It is a mandatory step as well as a vital one as the newspaper clipping is the printed proof along with other documents viz. affidavit, etc. that needs to be produced at the time of getting name changed at passport, PAN Card, Driving License, etc. It is advisable to publish such ads in a vernacular or a regional paper as well as a national daily i.e. in at least two newspapers.

Talking more about newspaper ads, you can select any paper of your choice; from the diverse catalogue of national dailies with PAN India reach or a news journal restricted to a particular area and catering to the niche audience of a region. These are usually classified text ads with regular Black and White font and details provided in a couple of lines. The font size is small and due to the fact that these are the basic ads, the cost of such adverts is quite low across all the newspapers. If you wish to publish a display classified ad that has richer text and bigger font size than the former one, you will have to shell a bit more money out of your pocket. You will have to pay more. Though, the cost also increases due to other factors like the region where you wish to publish the ad, the number of repetitions that you want for your ad i.e. how many times you want to publish your ad? etc, for example in matrimonial ads where repeat publishing is a common observation.

However, in this case of a name change ad there is no need to publish a name change notice again and again and ad posting published just once will be enough. Also, if you are confused about the paper in which you should publish this notice then why not consider The Tribune for this purpose? It is a popular paper in the country and competes with major news journals of India. You can publish name change advertisement in The Tribune by making online bookings. With the help of website you will be able to make ad requests of The Tribune Classified Name Change Ads with just a finger click.

So go ahead and change your name without standing in a queue!