[PROJECT LINK: https://github.com/xavier9909/WEB-12-PROJECT-U2-1ST]

It all began when I landed on a decision to pursue my passion to become a full-stack developer after the pandemic where I was unsure how and what life’s going to be like in the future and at a point of time where many offline activities were converted to online with an optimistic mentality of taking human existence forward. It was somewhat at that point of time I joined Masai school for their full-stack web developer program and now I’m on the verge of completion of its second unit and yes obviously it was one of its kind.

The topics were taught with the methodology of gradually releasing the responsibilities and it was an effective tactic for upskilling the candidate and turn them into a robust developer in a highly volatile industry like tech.

The first and second units covered the topics mentioned below :

Basic bash scripting

HTML Basics and the box model approach.

Styling a web page using CSS and the higher level layouts of CSS namely Flexbox and Grid.

Javascript basics using nodeJS, solving basic problems using operators, iterative loops, conditional statements, arrays, string and objects.

DOM manipulation using javascript.

Soft skills training for enhancing canditate’s communication skills, writing skills and to stay motivated and consistent through out the well defined strict curriculum.

DSA concepts like two pointer , sliding window, sorting and stack technique

Training and Support team

Nrupul Dev and Swanand(Technical training)

Yogesh Bhat and Mythiri (Soft skills training)

Meera (Instructional Associate)

Ankush (DSA Training)

This project was accomplished due to the immense support and commitment from the above-mentioned faculties and my teammates

Project description, the team, and the work spilled up :

As mentioned in the heading, we as a team named “Project Mates” with a set of 4 members Shubham Meena(fw12_292), Krushna(fw12_213), Sachin Kammanche(fw12_014), and Sanjay Kashyap(fw12_213) were given the task to clone the website https://www.urbanoutfitters.com

urban outfitters is an E-commerce website that is used for purchasing different kinds of things like clothes (men’s and women’s both), beauty products, lifestyle-related products, and more such things.

We, as a team decided to clone 5 pages from this website, and each individual was assigned their specific task and the project was made by mutually collaborating via the distributed version-controlled system called git, and the development files were stored as repositories on the github.com website.

The pages that we chose to develop and the member who worked on them are as mentioned in the below section:

Landing page — Shubham Meena

Product categories — Sanjay kashyap

Bag — Krushna

Rewards — Sachin kumanache

Landing Page :

The landing page was built by Shubham Meena and this page is a highly resourceful page for a user who uses this application, this page guides a client as per his needs and requirement, and to build such a full-fledged sheet, the developer had to use a lot of HTML for the great number of tags and over depth of the page, when it comes to styling the CSS grids were used and thus for enhancing the overall responsibility of the sheet a little DOM manipulation was done.

Category pages:

Category pages are made by Sanjay Kashyap. these pages are those pages where users can select a particular type of products like beauty, men’s and women's, etc.

Bag page:

This page is made by Krushna where users can add the products for purchasing

Uo Rewards and Gifts Pages:

These pages are made by me Sachin Kumanache. using all concepts of HTML, CSS, and JS. I did my work on time.

UrbanOutfitters Checkout:

Footnotes: All the images and icon links have been taken from the main website and some other internet sources and may be subject to copyright. So, try not to use the images or icons for business purposes or reproduce them without prior approval from the owner. The images and icons used here are just for illustratory purposes