What Dipa Karmakar made me realize ?

There are two ways to achieve success or say excel. Keep doing the same thing again and again until you have mastered the perfection or Do something nobody has done earlier and start new standards.

Dipa Karmakar missed bronze in Rio 2016 Olympics Gymnastics Vault by 0.2 point though she attempted life risking Produnova — two front summersaults. While Simon Biles of USA did comparatively less difficult Amanara — two and half twist in backward salto and won a Gold.

Let’s look at what both of these are.

Simone Biles doing Amanara — difficulty 6.3D
Deepa Karmakar doing Produnova- difficulty 7.0D

According to experts Produnova can lead to on spot death if not performed well and hence it has highest difficulty level.

Dipa chose to do Produnova to increase her chances of success.

Am not judging or comparing their performances here. But pointing out to two different styles of approaching the problem. One is to be perfectionist at a simple task by repetition and other is to be trend setter by doing something difficult and do it fairly good. Later does require practice but since it’s about trying something new it’s got lot of unknowns.

Somewhere in my mind I can relate this to what entrepreneurship has taught me. I see a lot of companies founded on the grounds of doing something similar existing in market but doing it with far better execution. Then there are companies that do something extra ordinary and do fairly good.

These are just two different styles of working of execution. May be we just need either of them or both in sequence.