Mama’s Day: Gifting with Love and Purpose

Mama’s hold varying meaning and places in our lives and hearts. Some relationships with our mamas are positive, some are not, and our sentiments and feelings are valid and complex. Mama’s are incredible beings, carrying experiences that are beautiful, traumatic, and transformative. They are our mothers, sisters, siblings, chosen mama’s, aunties, mentors, role models, and more which words can’t truly capture.

On Mother’s Day, giving and receiving a gift comes at differing costs— and realities. For some, mama’s day is a stinging reminder of loved ones who’ve passed away, who are currently incarcerated, who are unable to join family members because of their immigration status. This mama’s day, I encourage us all to gift with intention, asking ourselves how we make impact with our position to the power and privileges we hold. How we can gift in ways that fight for collective liberation.

Corporations and capitalism get enough $$$ exploiting mama’s of color and their families, so consider these thoughtful ways to put your heart — and money, into making a dream and need into something real.

Here are just some ways for many of us to tell mama’s fighting to survive and thrive that we see them, hear them, and love them.

  1. Support local (Southerners on the Ground and Brooklyn Community Bail Fund) and national Bail Out Funds to bail out mama’s incarcerated by the prison industrial complex. Read more about why #BlackLivesMatter activists are bailing out black and brown mamas for mother’s day. #NoMoreBail.
  2. Donate Metrocards to Teen Mom NYC’s Free Metrocard Giveaway! #NoTeenShame
  3. Affirm mama’s with a Homegirl Box and other Black Owned Subscription Boxes that’ll put a smile on a mama’s face!
  4. Take Action to #FreeBreshaMeadows, show her & her mama we support her!
  5. Share a Mama’s Day Card created by queer and trans artists of color through Forward Together’s Mamas Day Card campaign! (Donate here, read about the artists here.)
  6. Uplift the leadership and organizing efforts of queer and trans people of color. Featured above: Trans Women of Color Collective and Fundraiser for Guari Sawant who is raising funds to create a home for children of sex-workes in India.
  7. Immigrant Mama’s are #HereToStay. These are some organization’s and services fighting white supremacy to make sure they do.
  8. Fight to keep and expand access to reproductive healthcare and rights. Planned Parenthood and SisterSong continue to provide services for many individuals and families. SisterSong is led by and for indigenous womxn and womxn of color to achieve reproductive justice.

A note on the shared information and intention of this post:

This list only covers some amazing queer and trans people of color doing incredible organizing and work to make this world a safer and thriving environment for all. While I use the term mama/ mom interchangeably for my mama, I used it here specifically as defined by Mary Hooks, a chapter organizer with Southerners on the Ground working to bail out mama’s nationally. As featured in MotherJones, Hooks explains, “The term “mama,” as it’s used by the National Black Mamas Bail Out Day campaign, is broadly defined to include not just women with biological children, but all women — including trans women — who are linchpins for their families and neighborhoods. “It’s about knowing and naming that black women play such a critical role in our communities.”

Further the use of “mama’s day” is also used for Forward Together’s Mama’s Day Cards series. I encourage us all to start and continue to credit and cite People of Color’s, particularly queer and trans POC’s, leadership, labor, and knowledge!

Much Love 🌸🌷💕