If you want to send bulk template messages using WhatsApp via propagate.at, this guide will give you all the directions needed.

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If you go to propagate.at dashboard > Integrations, you will see the WhatsApp Integration box.

Twilio WhatsApp Integration Box for propagate.at
Twilio WhatsApp Integration Box for propagate.at

The integration box wants 3 credentials from you, to connect with your Twilio WhatsApp Account.

1. Twilio WhatsApp Number
2. Twilio Account SID
3. Twilio Auth Token

This guide will provide you with directions to get a valid WhatsApp Business Number, getting Approval from Facebook, and Creating Message Templates, and connecting it all to propagate.at.

Before you follow the given instructions, I would recommend you to give Twilio WhatsApp Test Sandbox a try. …

From the propagate.at Landing Page
From the propagate.at Landing Page

Do you want to increase the open rate of your newsletters? Your marketing campaigns can only be effective so long as they are actually getting opened by your subscribers.

If you are doing Email Marketing, chances are that the open rate of these campaigns is between 15–25%. Yes, just fifteen to twenty-five percent. That’s the average email open rate across all the campaigns. And, that’s too low.

Email Marketing is great, no doubt. Email Marketing can be even better if used correctly. For better email open rate, follow these 10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Email Open Rate.

But I am writing this article, to show you that there is another platform, that you can use to reach your non-US subscriber base, more efficiently than you were able to reach with emails. …

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Use this image as the cover image

Starter Information

Product Name: propagate.at
Tagline: Email, WhatsApp & SMS marketing for Online Creators

Tags: CRM, Newsletter, Email, Email Marketing, Marketing, WhatsApp Marketing, SMS Marketing

Link: https://propagate.at

Twitter: https://twitter.com/propagateHQ
Facebook: https://facebook.com/propagate.at

Thumbnail/Logo: https://i.ibb.co/HCdZWLc/propagate-at-512px-icon.png

Featured Cover Image:

Featured YouTube Video: Coming soon…


The below images are pixelated and bad-looking because of Medium compression. Get access to propagate.at’s entire asset gallery here.

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pkgreview.dev 🎉

Hey all! 🙌

I am very thrilled to announce the side-project I have been working on since last week…

I named it pkgreview.dev! The complete product was born out of one tweet.

The RottenTomatoes for NPM Packages!

🎊 pkgreview.dev

A lot of people find it very difficult to decide what NPM Package to use.

There comes pkgreview.dev to your rescue!

📦 0.3 Million NPM Packages with GitHub Stats listed!

🎉 Helps analyze NPM Packages

🚨 Write & Read Reviews

⭐️ Star Ratings like rotten tomatoes!

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NPM Package to analyze and see reviews of.

🕹 The idea

A lot of people find it very difficult to decide what NPM Package, React Component, Module or Library to use. …

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Originally posted here.

Today, I’ll tell you how you can simply write a TypeScript NPM package for learning purposes in an hour.

First, let us learn…

The basics

TypeScript is a strongly typed language that compiles into JavaScript.

Here’s how you can begin with TypeScript

  • Open your terminal.
  • Create a project folder where suitable.
$ mkdir my-first-typescript-package $ cd my-first-typescript-package $ npm init -y # to skip all the npm questions $ npm i -D typescript
  • Following those steps installs you the TypeScript package that enables you to write TypeScript.
  • Run touch index.ts in the terminal, and write this one line of code in index.ts.
  • And then, just run npm run build to see the output file being generated by the TypeScript module! …

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Credit: Cheesecake Labs

React developers use similar component code day in and day out. But not all of them streamline the React Component building and publishing workflow.

Before we discuss the building and publishing workflow, here’s why we need to have it.

#Reason 1: Most of our React code is reusable and there’s a high chance that we need the same React Component in another project.

#Reason 2: To keep a code uniformity among all of our React Projects.

#Reason 3: An opportunity to contribute to the open-source. We can publish the component, and have others use it as well!

You know how NPM packages are built. …

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Indian Education System just sucks!!

Indian Education System sucks! In this article, I will be completely convincing you to my best strength that how does the Indian Education System murders creativity and logic.

In 2018, when I’m writing this article at 10′ o clock morning on a Sunday in India, I’m feeling open with a fresh mind. Here, you won’t be reading about the structure of the education system and society’s hate for Arts and Commerce fields. I will be talking about the everyday torture that everyone in Indian schools has to face.

Well, that may seem like a lot but please do note… Schools are a lot of fun when it comes to friends. But when schools are about unnecessary compulsions, it is better to be at home. Here, I will be writing the forms of torture that students do often face in Indian schools. …


Kumar Abhirup

I am a 16-year-old JavaScript React developer from India who keeps learning a new thing every single day. @kumar_abhirup https://kumarabhirup.me

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