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Today, I’ll tell you how you can simply write a TypeScript NPM package for learning purposes in an hour.

First, let us learn…

The basics

TypeScript is a strongly typed language that compiles into JavaScript.

Here’s how you can begin with TypeScript

  • Open your terminal.
  • Create a project folder where suitable.
$ mkdir my-first-typescript-package $ cd my-first-typescript-package $ npm…
Credit: Cheesecake Labs

React developers use similar component code day in and day out. But not all of them streamline the React Component building and publishing workflow.

Before we discuss the building and publishing workflow, here’s why we need to have it.

#Reason 1: Most of our React code is reusable and there’s a high chance that we need the same React Component in another project.

#Reason 2…

Indian Education System just sucks!!

Indian Education System sucks! In this article, I will be completely convincing you to my best strength that how does the Indian Education System murders creativity and logic.

In 2018, when I’m writing this article at 10′ o clock morning on a Sunday in India, I’m feeling open with a…

Kumar Abhirup

I am a 16-year-old JavaScript React developer from India who keeps learning a new thing every single day. @kumar_abhirup

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