So what Ecommerce guys are Making Losses in India

It seems there is a perverse mentality in a lot of Indian consumers who mostly are not adept at finding out good deals online in India and the reasoning goes like this .

Online guys are making Losses — So I am not buying from them…What the hell did you just say !!

I thought aim of a customer while buying a non-monopoly product is simple — Quality product at Cheapest possible price with least hassle .

As a customer who is buying a standardized product of a reputed company how does it matter if the medium through which you buy is making profit or making losses .

Are you so dumb that you want to “support” the seller by paying more ? Really ?? After a 30% tax cut with not much of quality govt services the last thing I want to hear is — Online guys are making losses and they may not be there in business tomorrow . So Iwill not buy . Really ??

You are a customer not a philanthropist . Buy the cheapest product with least effort whatever be the medium of buying(assuming the product is exactly the same).

Don’t put your laziness as an excuse to not save money for yourself and your family . Dance till the party continues .

You know they send Bricks in a laptop packet — -I read in blah blah … Oh yes some guys may have posted that they got brick in place of laptop/mobile but don’t you see that there are thousands of others who are getting real original stuff (with Ecom-Verified Buyer tag review) . Don’t you still get it ?? If you don’t then of course go and buy Macbook Pro MD101HN/A at 61499 , OR Go to physical store in Croma and pay around $100 more (Rs 7000) and get same thing or maybe walk in to a Actual store selling this product and pay $200()14000 more .

IF after millions of people buying millions of high priced items ONLINE if you still don’t trust Flipkart , Amazon , Snapdeal , Paytm then maybe you need to look at your level of trustworthiness towards others a second time and review .

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