Double Your Website Traffic using SWOT SEO | Rank Your Website

Google is updating its algorithm continually. Ranking a website is getting harder and harder. So, How to stand out in the market? How to rank a website on top of the google?

Keyword Research For SEO

Rank Your Website On Google

Keyword Research is the most important step of SEO. Choosing the right potential keyword is very important. Now the question is how to do keyword Research smartly?

Use Keyword Everywhere tool: It is the best Keyword Research tool I have ever seen. When you search any keyword on google, it will tell you the competition, CPC and volume (total search per month). With the help of this super beneficial tool, you will get a rough idea of which keyword to choose or which not.

Website SWOT analysis

You can use your knowledge and experience in doing the overall SWOT analysis to rank your website.

Below are some suggestions and reminders for your reference. No matter how you do it, the bottom line I think is that at the end, you should know what are your SWOT elements. More importantly, you should know how to use and maximize your Strengths, minimize or even eliminate your Weaknesses, make the most use of your Opportunities, and defend against your Threats to achieve your goals effectively and efficiently.

Identifying your website strengths: Internal assets [both tangible and intangible] that help you obtain your goals more easily — high ranking in major search engines for certain strategic keywords; high traffic from both new and repeated visitors; excellent content with a useful blog; very user-friendly with easy navigation, high security, easy shopping cart and payment methods; great web design with proper look and feel…

SWOT SEO to Rank Higher On Google

SEO Weakness:

Always remember that Growth begins when we begin to accept our own weakness aka understanding your weakness is very important. Do you get little traffic to your site? 
Is your content not SEO friendly? Have you done poor off-page SEO? Do you publish duplicate content? then it is your SEO weakness. Is your website not well optimized? then it is SEO weakness aka Google demands SEO friendly website to rank.

Identifying your opportunities: External elements that are outside of your control and favorable to you in achieving your goals — web 2.0 trend with an emphasis on social networking and multimedia/video integration; web for mobile phones; more attention to web standard and web accessibility; increasing online transactions and e-commerce; faster connection speed; more online application providers; more affiliate marketing opportunities…

SEO Threats:

What keywords are unique to your domain but represents an opportunity to your competitor? then it is SEO Threat. Are your website not ranking on google first page due to Google algorithm update then it is SEO threat.