While Man is frantically hunting down Aliens from Outer Space — NASA was close to declaring some kind of a find on this, but side-stepped an announcement — we are getting to find new aliens in our own neighborhood: actually two kinds, one takes Stephen Hawking seriously, tries to conquer other Planets and settle in them (to propagate the Human species, in case there is another terrible Big Bang), while the other behaves so, on our own Planet Earth. You find them all over the terrain, in every size, shape and colour, doing the craziest things one can imagine and passing on the Alien Disease — you begin to feel alien or alienated (that’s when you know you’ve been struck down). They act as if they do not belong to this Planet Earth at all. I leave it to your wildest imagination to find ‘your own aliens!’

The word is out that beyond lost-Planet-Status Pluto there are two other Planets (simply called 9 and 10 — for the time being) hiding in our very own Galaxy — extremely shy of being discovered, perhaps not wearing clothes at all!

That reminds me of the recent Twitter and Instagram hung-ho’s of a nicely and beautifully pregnant Serena Willams on the cover of Vanity Fair — with nothing to cover herself — showing off the real muscle that goes into her wonderful tennis. Who will not get pregnant with desire? Me? I’m not an alien, for sure!

This post is to celebrate the Facebook Community hitting the 2 Billion mark, today — outgrowing China, and India. That’s most of the World! Humans are a great community to live in — Aliens are always welcome to join!

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