Trump, Bond, and Rajini

Over the past weeks of this May, most of us in the South of India have been subject to ‘humiliating heat’ and the sun striking at will. But the rains pouring-in over the past few days have made us realize what a wonderful creation air-conditioning is — natural or man-made! My air-conditioner conked out just when it mattered — leaked gas (hacked by the Russians) and I had to turn to Sweden (Electrolux) for help — America standing by.

While the NaMo lead BJP Government in India converges on its three-year, quite successful rule, the new President of the United States takes baby steps in governance. Trump has surely lowered the status of POTUS with all kinds of leaks (wiki-leaks must be embarrassed) flowing off the White House, fakes news, high-job sackings, executive orders falling flat on their tummies, ‘sleeping’ with the Russians, and now ‘shoving’ World Leaders out of his way for trump-card position in a photo-shoot. His body-language is awful and he looks like a spoilt Richie-Rich school-boy bullying his way around. Meanwhile, his beautiful wife brushes aside his searching hand; wears a somber black dress (Woman in Black is a Hollywood movie to make) backed-up by a light veil, in the Vatican — doing the, ‘In Rome do as the Romans do’ routine; opening-up in Saudi Arabia, and going 3D-floral with a $51,000 overcoat in Sicily — the mafia must have noticed. Dress codes are everywhere and we talk so much about the burka, and how much it covers! Well, now we know!

Britain is under pressure and the Manchester Ariana Grande Concert bombing was horrific. Will we ever outgrow this kind of violence? What if we ban Guns & Bombs world-over and return to hand-to-hand combat?

007 Roger Moore is no more and is probably the coolest Bond of them all: awfully handsome — drowning blue eyes; no intimidating abs or muscles, very ordinary (in physique) like our own neighborhood Rajinikanth; lots of tongue-in-cheek humor, but gets the job done to perfection! He had done 7 Bond Films, and 4 wives and 3 children (and a Top-Gun) took him up to age 89. Compare him to the killing machines of a Daniel Craig or a more sophisticated Sean Connery and you bond with him! Maybe Pierce Brosnan is a close second — to ordinariness. 
 I am a fan of Raiders of the Lost Ark fame Harrison Ford for being an every-day person Hero, rather than a Super-Hero, in most of his movies.

Talking about Rajinikanth he needs to keep the ‘Yes/No to politics’ alive and kicking for his own ‘political, mercenary ’ gains. If indeed, he decides to ‘bite the bullet’ he should join the BJP. My advice to him would be stay out and keep doing what you do best — in style! 2 and Kalaa will be on your screens, soon.

The Government in Tamil Nadu appears to be in a sound sleep mode — while the ghosts have taken possession of Poes Garden and a fancy spot on the Marina Beach.
Have a great weekend ahead — with mugs of Coffee or bottles of the spirits of Scotland & Ireland (some call it booze).

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