Hello again

I’m traveling on business, pleased to find a yoga collective that has a 6 a.m. class. I can actually finish, take a shower and make my meetings at 8. That’s fantastic because sitting all day on my rump is hard work. Hard work. Wow, the room is crowded. Wall to wall mats. Eager beavers, bright and early, ready to stretch. I carve out a small space close enough to see. In front of me the mellow looking instructor asks everyone to say “hello” to someone.

I turn to my left. Unfortunately the lady to my left, looks to her left. To my right is the wall. I glance behind me. That person is already engaged in a conversation. Thirty smiling faces but no one will make eye contact with me. Ouch. I’m not from these parts. Perhaps my body language is wrong. Or maybe the people who hit the floor before breakfast, are a tight clique. At the long last the gal in front of me revolves to acknowledge me. I smile.

“Hey,” I say, “my name’s Kumari.” But she has already turned away from me. She says “hello” without waiting for a reply. Then I’m alone again. Oh well. I’m left to contemplate her small, extraordinarily smelly, bare feet. Too bad. I guess she skips that part in Patanjali sutras about “saucha.” Sometimes I meet cool people in my travels at yoga studios.

Not today.