The Boundaries of Artificial Emotional Intelligence
Leigh Alexander

It’s important to understand How does AI or artificial intelligence works?

Well let's start from a how does we learn a mobile video game like Super Mario or Minecraft. At first we start like losers dying as soon as we start as the game beats us within 5 minutes. Then we start learning from our mistakes. The neuron networks in our small brain inside the cerebellum are challenged! It starts storing patterns and take intuitive decision's getting faster and better every time. So after playing the same game for like 100 times per day for 3 months - we become an expert and post images of cruising the nth stage without losing any life and gaining thousands of points. Simple right?...Our natural intelligence, consistency, logic or intuitive nature and ability to learn from mistakes makes us win in the end!

Now how does an AI does it? Well it starts the same way like we do by losing in first 5 minutes. But then it's armed with a neuron network stored in a data centre of 8 football fields (unlike our small brains) and can also learn from its mistakes with an intuitive approach. It also has super computing speeds. So it simply plays that game overnight for like 10 million times...Becoming better and better and in the morning can dismiss the most challenging stages like a big bad joke.

That's AI for you!