Easy to criticise, difficult to do!

We people, especially the common man super active on social media, have got an uncanny habit of criticising The Achievers in our ways for the reasons below:

  1. Stand out of the crowd — we get a lot of visibility on social channels for being different or having an opinion that we “believe” is different than the herd.
  2. Belongingness to an Intelligentsia —We feel a sense of belonging to an “elite social class” of people who are engaged in complex mental labour of critiquing than taking up a leadership role in the society. e.g. They know how to run the nation either reading financial newspapers sitting in the garden or an inconsequential, heated exchange over WhatsApp with your college friends.
  3. I told you so — Our innate ability to predict the future and claiming it as if we went out in the dirt to make it a reality; especially, when it came to writing off somebody. e.g. Hell broke lose when Rahul Yadav was evicted from Housing. Everyone became a startup guru in why he failed and why it was imminent. And even the lessons that he learnt in trying to do something different after Housing.
No one fails at trying something rather it’s a learning. One is a failure when one stops getting his hands dirty!

Very easy to see what is visible but difficult to develop an eye to see beyond what is visible

If we closely observe the lives of achievers, your opinion doesn’t matter to them — not because they are arrogant of their achievements but they learnt the art of getting the task done before we labelled them as “stars” or began to worship them. They are busy living each day in doing what is the best possible way to make the day more productive. Somehow, their past doesn’t affect them and the future doesn’t brings any form of anxiety — it’s a distraction. Watch this:

Listen closely to MS Dhoni from 1:53 and comment if you disagree.

We have turned discussions into writing

It’s good to disagree because it takes your thought process into unexplored territories. But somewhere while exploring, we tend to lose our focus that we are discussing and NOT writing. Let us leave the writing to unbiased journalists and take a stand on our own rationality.

It’s one thing to criticise while it takes a lot of negative energy to become a cynic just to prove your closed mindedness of always being right. It’s more humbling an experience to lose in dignity than arrogantly trying to win.

Nothing runs on your belief except your own life

Your belief determines your thought process, and the thought process drives your action. But it happens only if you really care about your belief, else doing nothing is the fastest way to get behind anyone!

So hold on to your opinion until you have gotten your hands dirty in it. If something happens either because of you or NOT because of you, ponder a bit upon the process — why it happened and what made it happen. Very likely, there’s an underlying hack that can take you where you want to be.

Why I wrote this blog?

At the end, you will also judge me why am I advising you. I am not! I have written this for my clarity of thoughts. For last two months or so, I have refrained from any type of discussion/ debate on social media when I had an opinion so strong that I felt it within me and I wanted to correct my friend for the lack of information. But, I asked myself these two questions and my sanity prevailed:

  1. Do I really want to win this discussion or correct the person who wrote it? If yes, why? If not, my time is more precious to do something productive. Most of the times, the answer has been NO. I am not here to produce a counterargument or refute the central point just to prove my intelligence to one person.
  2. Is it something that involves me on a day to day basis? If yes, I will love to be proven wrong so that it broadens my belief about something that involves me daily. So I have an ROI over the discussion. Either ways, I gain.

Intelligence alone has never solved any problem, but taking an action towards the problem have always improved my understanding of it.

Thank you Ruchika & Sahiba Sethi for going through the initial draft.