Nirvana in Entrepreneurship

This is my current state of mind. I keep battling day in and day out for the noise that keeps on distracting me, its frustrating at times. But this is how I am changing and I pledge to keep on evolving for the good! It’s about finding peace in chaos.

Entrepreneurship isn’t a happy-go-lucky movie, it’s not about being a hero. It’s hard, hard work. We have to sit down and do the work. It’s a meditation, it’s a devotion, it’s 100% submission to a cause without expectations and detachment to pleasures that the crowd finds in. It’s about remaining detached to unfavourable outcomes and remaining calm in chaos. We ought to move on path less travelled and face the consequences of moving directionless at times. However, we ought not to forget spreading the smiles through our selfless services to every human we come across without letting anyone destroy our soul. We ought to find happiness in ways that the world cannot.

When we see the world the way we wanted is the day we attain Nirvana. Attaining Nirvana isn’t about being successful or extremely ecstatic about achieving the vision but it’s about peace of mind in seeing a reality that we intended to see long before we set out on the path of entrepreneurship.