VR is the best workplace

I’m software developer. And like other software developers I’m looking for a way to improve my workplace. First time I saw Altwork I loved it and decided that it’s solution to all my problems with working place. But is it really good? I don’t think so. Minuses are obvious: difficult mechanics and high price. And you still can’t get comfortable place in park.

I believe, that next big thing in comfortability of work places will be VR. And all components for success are here:

Good enough VR headsets appears every month. Production version of Oculus Rift will be released in Q1 2016.

There are some prototypes of VR IDE’s. They are still experimental, but they are here.

Last component, powerful mobile computers. But Nvidia already announced new mobile ‘supercomputer’ Jetson TX 1with 1Tflops performance with only 10W consumption.