Get notified about new releases on GitHub

I support couple docker containers for third party projects, and it’s important to update them on time. Both of these projects release new versions to github. Although it’s possible to watch some projects on github, it produces too many messages in my inbox, while I’m only interested in releases. There is a work around.

Github provides a old good Atom feed for releases of every project:

For example

To receive email notification it’s easy to create applet that will send you an email on release:

That’s it. So if you are going to use hortio’s containers for blynk (build your IoT mobile app playing bricks) and restic (powerful still simple backups)— you may be sure, they are always up to date.

Of course it’s also possible to make some automation base on this Atom feed. For example, IFTTT supports webhooks, so you can call piece of code on AWS Lambda and make a commit to your github or start a new job on CI. Ping me in responses if you want to read a detailed tutorial on how to do it.