Plant lamp with led stripes

Once I promised my wife to grow strawberries in December. And this lamp helped me a lot.

This lamp is made with 3 rows of 12mm led stripes. Length of lamp depend on number of segments. I use 4x130mm for my setup.

3d printed parts

Number of part depend on length of final lamp (i.e. N=3 for 40cm pot)

N led plate 
3N strip brackets 
2x(N-1) part connectors 
2 stand
3 wire fix
1 wire bracket

Extra parts from hardware store

- 5mm threaded rod 
- 2x m5 nuts
- 6mm aluminium tubes
- 12mm led stripes
- 12v power supply
- wire to connect everything (2x0.5mm² in my case)

PS strawberries were sweet

Project source on Thingiverse