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What is XONIO?

XONIO lets mobile consumers access the token economy using telco prepaid airtime. It will be the easiest way to create a blockchain wallet, offering a unique financial inclusion solution for digital goods in emerging markets.

The heart of the XONIO project is the eXtensible Open Network. It is a blockchain-based digital goods ecosystem that seamlessly integrates with telcos to offer its prepaid subscribers a simple way to create a blockchain wallet. It is powered by an ERC20-compliant token called XONIO Token.

What is the XONIO Token?

The XONIO Token is an ERC20 token built on the public Ethereum blockchain. It serves as the underlying cryptocurrency of the eXtensible Open Network, and can be traded in partner exchanges. …

Despite heightened interest on blockchain, mass-market consumers from emerging countries are still disconnected from the technology. In fact, only 0.19% of the Asia Pacific population has a blockchain wallet.

You’re probably seen it yourself, joined the discussion, or wondered as much as Ethereum co-founder Vitalik did in his tweet…

We totally agree. That’s why our team is working on a solution that will tackle this exact market, specifically catering to the emerging Asian countries.

In emerging Asian markets, the two most pervasive store-of-value items are cash and airtime credits. …

In this three-part series, we will discuss the different benefits of the eXtensible Open Network, the technology that powers XONIO Mobile to offer mobile consumers a fast and convenient way to shop for digital goods and to connect to the blockchain all in one mobile application.

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1. Instant reach and a new consumer market

Among the platform components of the eXtensible Open Network is the XON Store, a blockchain-based digital goods store embedded in the XONIO Mobile. It serves as an additional storefront for digital goods partners who want to showcase their catalog for mobile consumers looking for deals on different verticals such as eSports, entertainment, games, and more.

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E-commerce is growing at a very fast pace in the Philippines, with 65% of the population online using mobile devices as a remote control for commerce and entertainment. …

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