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We are regularly reminded that life can’t go back to normal after the COVID pandemic, because normal was broken, normal was not working for everyone, normal was steadily denuding the planet of its ability to sustain us. Normal was not normal at all. It was actually dysfunctional.

It’s not surprising that this dysfunction, now fully exposed by the health crisis, has led to people around the world sounding the alarm that structural racism will not be tolerated. Violent injustice, often in the name of ‘law and order’ and many daily acts of micro-violence experienced by children, women and men of…

Kumi Naidoo is the Director of the African Civil Society Initiative.

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Kumi Naido speaks at a rally with environmental and indigenous groups in the lead up to the COP21 climate talks in Paris.

I’ve said it many times before: “The United States has become the best democracy money can buy.”

Fortunately, this alarming issue has finally been getting the scrutiny it deserves thanks to an exchange caught on video between Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton and Greenpeace activist Eva Resnick-Day.

While this moment in the Clinton campaign is what’s sparked such lively discussion around the role of money — and fossil fuel money in particular — in American politics, the issue goes well beyond the race for the Democratic nomination.

For one, neither…

Kumi Naidoo

Activist. Speaking truth to power.

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