My First Virtual Reality Groping
Jordan Belamire

“I hadn’t lasted three minutes in multi-player without getting virtually groped.”

Of course you didn’t.

It’s an online multiplayer game, and you outed yourself as female.

I don’t think I’m being cynical here; this is part of the reality of online multiplayer. I’ve been playing female characters in MMOs for over 15 years, and it’s an unusual play session when I’m in a high population area and *don’t* get hit on, receive random attention/messages from players I’ve never met, or field inappropriate comments. Usually ignoring them or commenting “I’m a guy” makes them go away, but plenty have escalated into harassment.

So I can only imagine that your VR experience is, sadly, not uncommon.

That sucks.

And while MMOs have ways to ignore/block/report problem players and their behavior, it sounds like there’s no such option in QuiVr — which is an obvious oversight — but I know that Steam does have ways to report abusive behavior.

Then the question becomes whether such reports in VR are handled as poorly as they can be in RL, due to a lack of documentary chatlogs…

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