The Kuna mobile app has been upgraded! The new release includes solutions to fundamental security issues, fixes to bugs, and most importantly, users can now register and enter the exchange without having to use an API key.

Let’s look at the most important updates

👊🏻 Users will now be able to register on Kuna using the mobile app.

👊🏻 Existing users can easily login to the mobile app, using their login and password.

👊🏻 We have added the facility to store details of frequently used cards or information, to simplify the withdrawal of funds from the exchange.

👊🏻 Biometrics…

Dear users,

We are pleased to announce, that we have become one of the first validators of the decentralised blockchain, Free TON.

We joined the Free TON community initiative, when the original creator of TON — Telegram blockchain was unable to participate in the project, due to litigation in the USA.

TON has now become Free TON, retaining all of the benefits, features and values of its predecessor, but now its launch and development will be handled by an independent community, composed of developers, validators and investors.

Along with an open blockchain, Free TON also launched the Free TON Crystal token (abbreviated to TON) with the corresponding symbol (U + 1F48E): 💎

Decentralised technology is coming to the masses 😉

Link to the launch video:

Your Kuna team ❤️

We are pleased to present our new service,

By using this, you can create invoices in cryptocurrency and fiat currency, collect contributions and donations or help your friends and acquaintances.

All of this is without any hidden commission or registration.

We like to save you time, therefore payment of invoices and replenishing balances can be done without registration. If you want to create a invoice yourself and receive donations — you can use your Kuna account, specifically kunaid.

We are especially proud that the first user of the service was the charitable fund ‘Tabletochki’, which annually helps treat dozens…

We have just launched a service to allow you to hold two types of stablecoin — USDC and DAI, which are now available for depositing and withdrawing on the exchange.

For reference:

USD Coin (USDC) is a stablecoin, launched by the Coinbase exchange and the crypto finance company, Circle, which is backed with US dollars at a ratio of 1:1. USDC is created on the Ethereum blockchain, and it uses the ERC-20 protocol.

DAI is a stablecoin, attached to the American dollar rate. Issued through ETH tokens and the creation of collateral positions.

The founder of DAI is Rune Christensen, who is the head of MakerDAO. It was officially launched into circulation on 18 December 2017 as the first absolute decentralized token on Ethereum.

Dear friends

It’s time for us to send you this summers most important announcements. And we have three o news for you:

  • Introduce Binance Coin.
  • The introduction of special conditions for trading the ruble on Kuna.
  • A competition to win an iPhone XS Max, PS4 PRO and other cool prizes.

We can’t wait to tell you all the details…

Kuna + Binance

Now users of both exchanges can arbitrate between both platforms and take advantage of all the tools on each platform, including migration using BNB token. And that’s not all ! Head over to, to find out more.

Dear friends

Due to a lack of liquidity and trading interest in EURS and ARN tokens and the limited trading demand for BCH/BTC and REM/ETH pairs we are announcing their delisting. Deposits ARN and EURS will close immediately to coincide with the publication of this notice. Trading will be available until 31 July 2019. Withdrawals will be available until 24 August 2019.

Best regards,
Kuna Team

Dear Friends !

Our team monitors every trend, and we actively react to all developments that take place on the market.

Yesterday (July 3rd 2019) the cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced its transfer from Omni addresses to standard ERC20.

Many our users use this platform, and so, for your convenience, our exchange will very soon support USDT in the ERC20 format. This means that USDT will be available on Kuna on the Omni protocol base, and also on the ERC20 base.

For reference:

USDT-Omni is USDT, issued by Tether on the base of the BTC network with a BTC currency address…

Dear friends

We have now listed a new token — Paytomat (PTI). Trades on the most popular pairs PTI/BTC and PTI/UAH are already available on the exchange.

To celebrate the launch of trading, Paytomat have organized a competition, in which the ten most active traders on our exchange will share a prize fund of 500,000 PTI between them, and another 500 traders will each receive 500 PTI.

Start trading to win !

❗️Please note ❗️

To withdraw PTI tokens from the exchange you will need a Paytomat Wallet. Download it from Google Play or Apple Store.

About Paytomat tokens


Hi Everybody,

Today we’re launching a new service. From today, with the help of anyone can instantly acquire BTC, ETH and USDT without even replenishing their account.

For purchases, all you need is a cryptocurrency wallet. Purchases are actioned directly from any sell orders on the exchange at the market price at the moment of the deal.

The entire procedure is very simple and will take you less than 30 seconds:

  1. On the page choose the asset that you wish to buy (BTC, ETH or USDT) and select the payment method.
  2. Decide how many coins you want or the…

Dear friends

In connection with the transition to the new infrastructure we are changing the deposit addresses for ETH and ERC20 tokens. You can still use the old addresses which will continue to work until 1st July 2019.

From June 1, 2019 you will be able to generate a new address on the deposit page. We recommend that you do this as soon as possible.

Thanks to the new infrastructure we will be able to increase the level of security and optimise the speed of the node.

Best regards,
Kuna Team

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