Thank you Evan Williams


Rejected. From my dream school, the University of Pennsylvania. The only thing I cared about for the past six months. For the first time in my life, I didn’t just feel like a nobody. I knew for a fact that I am a nobody.

I spent the last year figuring out anything that could even slightly increase my chances of getting accepted. I took extra classes like Spanish 3 and Pre-Calc, for the past two summers, so I could participate in more advanced classes at school. I volunteered for 175 hours and the rest of my time I spent studying to keep up the near perfect GPA that Penn would expect from its applicants. But now I live in a post-Penn world, where everything doesn’t revolve around school and I have never felt more liberated!

Even though my drive for Penn pushed me in an array of different directions and I’m thankful for my accomplishments, it’s amazing to do something because I want to do it. I didn’t write this personal essay because it would look good on an application, I did it just because I felt like it and that feels amazing.

This doesn’t make me lazy; instead, there’s a sense of urgency, I need to accomplish my goals, I need to put my money where my mouth is, I need to walk the walk. I can’t explain why I feel this way. I just know that I do. Maybe it’s because I feel less adequate but I think honestly getting into Penn would have stifled me. I wouldn’t work as hard because I knew Penn was a cushion. If my dreams turned sour, I would have had that $100,000+ salary to fall back on- now that’s gone. Everything I said I wanted to accomplish, I must accomplish and I can accomplish. I don’t need to be in the Ivy League to turn my dreams into reality.

Just look at Ev Williams. He went to the University of Nebraska- Lincoln. I’m sure it is a great school but for most people they wouldn’t expect any billionaires to graduate there. Yet Evan Williams did. In case that name doesn’t speak to you, he’s the man who built Twitter, and the very site where you’re reading this piece. He accomplished his goals and put a shit ton of money where his mouth is. He walked the motherfucking walk. So thank you, Evan Williams, for a plethora of reasons. Thank you for founding Medium, a site that I cherish and a site that gave me a voice when I so desperately wanted to speak. Thank you for being a real inspiration when I needed one.

I may never be a billionaire and that’s okay, but I certainly don’t need the University of Pennsylvania to accomplish my dreams. We live in a world where all doors are open. Where everything we want is waiting for our fingertips. Stay hungry.

This is a personal essay of many. My goal is to become a better writer and I think that if I can write one personal essay a week that my writing will improve. I urge everyone reading this to please write a comment either about my grammar, flow, style, or whatever you thought about my piece. Thank You!