How PHP Makes A Difference In Web Development Arena?

Kunal Jha
3 min readMay 24, 2019

So… Let’s start this article with a question, which of the following responses do you want for your project design? Yes, No Or a Wow?
Without a doubt, we all want not just one Wow but many Wows…

Now, you have decided to start learning web development and coding. Congratulations! You are one step forward to learn something very much exciting.

If you are a beginner to web development you probably would have no idea of which programming language to start with.

So make yourself sure for learning PHP because 83% of web services are written in PHP. And reassure that it is worth investing your time in the technology adopted by Slack, Spotify, BlaBlaCar and other leaders.

So scroll down further to know top PHP website development is all hype?
PHP is the open source server-side scripting language which means it processes a request at the server end and shows the result to the client.

PHP makes a difference in web development in terms of security, reliability, speed, and optimization. It extends its support to satisfy every requirement regarding web development. Some other compelling reasons to choose PHP over other frameworks are:

Less time consuming and Easy to learn:

This object-oriented language has an easy learning curve. The codes are reusable that saves time and efforts of the developers. You can have enhanced functionality for your web project using any of the rich PHP frameworks.

The built-in functions like GET and POST make the whole process of development quite easy.

Being an open source it comes under the General Public License.
This is a veteran scripting language and viability of it has already been tested. So you do not have to invest in reinventing the wheel.

PHP code is Flexible and Integrative:

The versatility and flexibility of the language have caught the eyes of many. The language is compatible with all the major platforms Windows, Linux, MacOS, Unix. It extends its support to most of the servers and 20 major databases.

With minimal expenditure, you can create extraordinary cross-platform applications. Being dynamic is nature, you can implement the language at any point of the stage in your web development.

Easily Scalable and Well documented:

What more a developer wants than integrating different functional modules and making necessary changes during the on-going development?

Yes, PHP develops scalable IT projects comprising of multiple pages. The code is exceptionally transparent and well documented. So you can really understand the language in a snap of a finger(not literally, but yes, very quickly).

Ensures Great opportunities for hosting:

Do not worry. Any of the reliable and popular hosting options support PHP. there are many of the free hosting plans or few inexpensive ones that you can choose for web development.

Standard Library:

A great programming language always comes with some standard library that plays an important role. The libraries are helpful and speed up the data processing.
The extensive support for HTTP fetching, regular expression, URL parsing, and database drivers are something that differentiates PHP from others.

Wrapping Up the benefits:

We should all thank the Danish Canadian programmer Rasmus Lerdorf who made brilliant efforts in bringing up PHP to existence.
You can always avail more benefits and functions if you hire PHP developers in USA. we are sure they will provide you excellent end results.