To Emote or not to Emote that is the question

‘Feelings’, what comes to your mind when you hear this word? Happy, sad, love, anger, hurt?

Even some complex one’s which we can never understand or explain.

So many feelings and yet some choose to openly express it and some choose to be less expressive.

Let’s try and understand the latter, people who refrain from expressing or hold themselves back from emoting at all. These are people who are constantly trying to protect themselves from some sort of deep hidden fear.

Expressing for these set of people is like baring their naked selves. They feel extremely vulnerable and nervous when people know how they exactly feel.

Moreover they are scared of people misinterpreting or make a laughing stock out of them.

Call it fear of no proper reciprocation, rejection, lack of empathy or insecurity, but this very fear holds them from emoting.

There is a storm of feelings that goes on deep down within them which only a few can understand. The complex nature of these feelings is what often leads to anxiety as well.

As I write this I don’t know if I have been able to explain even half of that feeling. But I know that you will understand it irrespective as we all have experienced this or still do it subconsciously.

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