UX Case Study: Halvsies Mobile App

A novel approach to crowdfunding

What is /Halvsies?

A digital crowdfunding venture with a twist — the campaigner invests half of the money.


Crowdfunding on web and mobile platforms


  • Campaigners — want to raise money.
  • Donors — want to give money.
  • /Halvsies — wants to make money.

Preliminary research

  • Reviewed 16 articles on crowdfunding
  • Conducted and recorded interviews with 9 experienced crowdfunding users

Goals of interview

  • Help establish system/user requirements
  • Inform development of personas
  • Help understand if different age groups use crowdfunding differently
  • See if the “give half” concept is a motivator
  • Understand user expectations

Sample interview questions


  1. What types of situations did you donate in?
  2. Tell me about the story and how it inspired you to donate?
  3. How did you first find out about a campaign?
  4. Did you browse around the site for campaigns similar to the campaign you donated to?
  5. How do you feel about donating to a campaign if the campaigner has already invested?


  1. Did you browse around the site for campaigns similar to the campaign you wanted to/did create?
  2. How did it feel when you created a campaign for the first time?
  3. What would you do differently now?
  4. How was your experience with the site(s) you used? Where support features adequate?
  5. How do you motivate people to donate to your campaign?


Based on the users we interviewed, we came up with the following personas.


The entire system requirements were laid out in storymap fashion using storiesonboard.com. Product Manager provided us the system requirements and some of these were influenced by the personas.

All the requirement laid out in story map fashion

Paper Prototypes and Storyboards

Donate scenario

Preliminary User Testing

A round of user testing was conducted on paper prototypes of the scenarios and feedback from that is informing our next round of design.

Testing demographics

  • Four users
  • Mean age range : 20–30

Computer experience

  • Four female graduate students

The tasks for the user tests are as follows:

  1. Set your interests and filter by two categories: Health and Environment
  2. Save a campaign to favorites and view it
  3. Donate to a campaign
  4. Challenge someone to donate Halvsies

Key findings

  1. Overall the navigation was not clear to the users
  2. Confusion between interests and favorites

Users said,

I don’t see any difference between interests and favorites

Another user said,

I thought star which is a favorite icon as some icon as part of the campaign

With just four users we were able to collect good feedback and then iterate back on the project.

High Fidelity Mockups

Based on that, we made some changes to the design and started working on the high-fidelity prototype. The mockups were designed by me in Sketch (sketchapp.com)

High Fidelity Mockups

A special feature of /Halvsies is the unique progress bar. This will show that the campaigner has donated half the money toward the goal.

We brainstormed on several ideas to make the progress bar something different and more fun. You can find some of them below.

Variety of Progress Bars

Onboarding Experience

Designing the onboarding experience.

Here is the link to the updated prototype : Launch

Lessons Learned

  • Collaborating with Product Manager and CEO to gather business goals and working towards those while still focusing on usability and experience of the product.
  • I learned to apply and user Apple’s iOS Human Interface Guidelines.
  • Ability to work independently and then collaborate once a week to discuss on the progress.
  • I learned to take tough decisions and trusting the data over intuition.

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