Harry Potter comes to your house – Writing Prompt

I was about to switch off the lights and go to bed when I heard a swoosh and a faint thud just outside my room.

I walked out of my room, into the dining hall and saw a bespectacled boy, about 15 years of age, with unkempt hair and long flowing robes, covered in dust, sitting at the dining table, drumming casually with his fingers, looking at the digital clock on the wall.

“Dude, you were supposed to be here like an hour ago ?! What took you so long ?” I said, pulling out a chair for myself.

Harry Potter, “the Boy Who Lived”, looked up at me with a puzzled expression.

“Did you know your city is an infestation of Dementors ? I must have gotten rid of about 10 of them just outside your doorstep”, Harry said, his eyes popping in surprise. “The last one, it almost had kissed my soul out, before I Expecto-Patronum-ed my way out. Lost my broomstick somewhere on the streets trying to escape it. Saw some kids running away with it. I mean, what the -?”

Credits : Harry Potter Wikia

My jaw dropped and Harry stopped speaking.

“So THIS is why I’ve have been feeling so low this week ?! Dementors ?! Here in Delhi ?”

“There are lot more out there than you think”, said Harry. “I believe they’ve all fled from Azkaban in search of more people to feed on. And your country is the second most populated place on Earth isn’t it ? It’s like a buffet for these things.”

I sank lower into the chair, sweating dripping down my forehead.

“Didn’t it you wonder why it always feels unusually cold here ? Or why people these days are generally so morose/upset all the time ?” Harry asked.

Photo Credits : India Today

I stammered “Delhi winters have always been biting cold. But the people have been genuinely bitter and sad lately. I thought it was normal. Now it all makes sense.”

Dementors. Here in Delhi.

Who would’ve thought.

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