On June 24, 1982 British Airways Flight 009 soared above Indonesia.

The Boeing 747 cruised at a calm altitude of 37,000 feet and suddenly a volcano spews ash. Smoke filled the passenger cabin. Engine 2 surged as a blue glow was being ingested by the turbofan blades.

At the flight deck the crew initiated the engine shutdown sequence. The fuel supply was cut off to engine 2 and the fire extinguishers activated. Within seconds engine 1 and 3 flamed out. A few seconds later engine 4 was gone.

The mountains around Jakarta are at 12,000 feet, this gave the pilots around 20 minutes to figure out how to stay in the air or they’d have to pull a 180 and ditch into the Indian ocean. …


Kunal Johar

Co-Founder of OpenWater Software and Api2PDF

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