Something Cool

Something Cool works on projects/products that are problem solving by nature. Every app, every product, every project we work on, will solve some problem that we or you are facing or it will make your daily life significantly simpler and easier.

At Something Cool, only ideas that are exceptional, fresh or raw to the market, either from our own brainstorming or submitted to us by users/co-founders/partners to solve an existing problem and improvise the life of the masses.

For any idea to transit from a mere thought or idea to a Minimum Viable Product or MVP as we and everybody else calls it; there is a process flow that we follow(a separate article).

Current Ideas or soon to be MVPs


Its a blazing fast web development service. You need a website before that client meeting tomorrow, or need to demonstrate a product you have been working on and need a landing page or a website or an e-commerce portal for selling some of your cool stuff or a quick redesign to your current site. We do it all, and yes that too in just 5 hours.
It has now evolved to become a express service provider platform. Vendors can post their services of any nature and viewers can check and purchase from the listings. We manage the escrow.

500bucks or in500rs

Oh so you need a graphic designer for a logo, or need to get your agreement checked from a legal advisor, did you missed writing a speech for your presentation next week. No fret. This portal will offer a wide array of services in 500 rs from industry professionals. Everyone, be it corporate slaves or freelancer junkies are looking to make some extra bucks in their free time. So the idea is that a service provider will sell its services for 1000 rs and the buyer can avail this one time service and has his/her requirements met without actually hiring someone. We keep the money in escrow till the work is delivered. Fiverr for India.


An all purpose helpline for startups.

Whenever a new app or product is launched, the real struggle is to get its first 1000 users who rate it, provide feedback and help it go ahead improved. We collect 1000 users who gets to have premium and free access to these apps which are obviously amazing and problem solving in nature and in return they test and validate it being the early adopters. <ON-HOLD>


In India, on an average, a daily of 30Million people travel inter state and more that 15 Million people send expensive item from state to state and spend huge amount of money to transfer stuff. So this platform helps the sender meet the traveller from their origin to destination and helps to send stuff. The baggage/stuff is checked for illegal items and everything and is upto the discretion of the traveller to take it or not. In exchange app users pay a small fee to us and traveller gets a share of it or can arrange discounts on flights or hotels for the traveller or in-flight meal. —


My gf used to stand in front of the wardrobe and spend hours deciding what to wear today, everyday. So here is a better solution. Dress Better works on the notion of suggesting you clothes every morning as per your calendar. If your calendar has meetings scheduled then business formals or if its a coffee date or lunch with gf, it picks a casual attire for you. If both, it tries to make it business casual to cope up with both. Also, it checks for standard astrology for lucky colour of the day as per your sunsign and suggest clothes accordingly among other metrics. A user can also upload pics of his wardrobe so that he is suggested exactly what to wear from his wardrobe. If a pair is wore today, it wont be repeated for atleast a week to give it time for wash etc. Revenue model includes advertising from fasion stores about clothing or apparel which the user is missing and are must haves.
The first version of this application will be like instagram for showing the wardrobe. People can just dressup and click their pic and post it. After when all users have enough clothes showcase, we will introduce the dressbetter recommendations. A special section on trialroom to be provided where one can just click a pic of a outfit they like from the trial room and people can thumbs up/down in assisting their purchase and more features.



Last minute tickets from people whose plans got cancelled or they got stood up or their friends are full of crap like my friends and bail out the last moment. These tickets are being offered to people who need tickets and just got to know the gig or just arrived in town and found out about that concert or some friend wants to tag along but the show is house full.


MUZIFYME is the one application that rules all your music publishing platforms. As an artist, your primary focus should be creating happiness thats what you do when you make good music, and leave the hassles of managing all your music publishing application on just one app.
Muzifyme — takes control of your publishing needs and empower you with control over more than 15 different music publishing platforms like youtube, beatport, soundcloud, and so on. Not just these, we are social people and we love it, which is why we also let your fans know of your latest music release on all your social media channels.


Shared Stories is a platform where a reader or a literature student meets literary masters/authors/writers/poets and they do the magic together. It started when I was writing my Pan India budget travel book and there were places I havnt been to and wanted to collaborate with travelers who have and come up with the project together, later I was tempted to travel all those exquisite locations and decided to do it myself, but the idea captured my consciousness and it will stay there till its a fine product.


share a cab connects to people on the same airport or train station as you are and suggest matches as per your destination and route. This helps you to cab-pool across the city and save travel costs.

Ask The Locals

Whenever in a new place, facing the language barrier with auto/taxi walas. Connect to locals in the city and chat with them to get the best suggestions and advices for your travel and stay in the city. “these applications can be merged together as one travel application for a complete package”

Fill The Bucket

Fill the bucket — is a bucket list fulfilling platform. Lets say my bucket list has skydiving listed in it, so this platform will filter that and connect me to sky divers and trainers and people of similar buckets and then as a group we can check that item off the list, and in case the person doesnt have the resources and funds to do it, will exchange something for supporting. It can also be crowd funding someone bucket list. *Need to think over it and discuss this.<ON-HOLD>