Suicide Quest

I am on the verge of extinction

I wonder if its true what they say abt resurrection

I have a million eye balls rolling on me

But zero love and no affection

The pain is too much

I cant hold the sorrow within me anymore

Everyday life is pushing me away from myself

Cant imagine there is any happiness left for me in store

The only way out of this i see,

Is by slitting my wrist

The pain will bleed out of me

And hopefully i will cease to exist

Life isnt worth living this way

Cant fool myslf and pretend everything is alright

It gets worse with each passing night or day

As far as i can see there is no light.

“Its all dark around and inside me. There is no light. There is no light. “

Its like living your worst Nightmare

When all the demons stand there and just Stare

Nobody gives a fuck. Noone really cares.

Its all a glorified hell here with fancy ribbons and decorated flares.

Lets grab that rat poison for supper

If she is the reason y i am here

Will i be or will she be the killer

Just a short climb and then let the body hang

The rope will hold my body tight, with the other end tied to the ceiling fan.

Bcoz Work isnt going well, business is in loss.

If i die out of this pressure, does it fit the cost.

The world doesn’t need me

Noone actually does

Wheathr m dead or alive

It aint shit to you, so whats the fuss

I have been lonely for so long

I am done with this life

No kid to raise and teach ball

Noone to love, noone to call my wife

But lets hear a story of a life got wasted

A happy being once but his ways were twsited

Pain n sorrows came for you, accept them

Cry out loud, fight it back, shed a tear, there is no shame.

All lives matter including yours

The more u love life, Life will love you more

Money doesn’t matter much

Businesses shudnt worry you as such

Lets be aware of this beauty called life

Oh how does it matter if she couldn’t be ur wife

You were born alone, you will die alone

You will find your soulmate someday

Someone who is your true clone

As i say this to, say it out loud

Say it like you mean it, nd feel proud

I am not a coward, who will think to die.

I can live much more, if I have this much survived

Let me promise myself to make every minute of it.

Yes! I have fallen many times, and yet again i rise from it.

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