React India 2019 was organized at Goa this time and it was a blast. Undoubtedly beach conferences are the best. What can go wrong when you have a private beach to hang out after all those fantastic talks?

So ask me what was the React conference about. Obviously React? Nah! It was more about GraphQL this time. Sure there were a few react talks too 😆. I will try to link a playlist for all of those talks along with this blog post as soon as they are available on youtube. This article is majorly about a few lovely talks…

Why not to use “any” anywhere.

Photo by Isaac Benhesed on Unsplash edited by Kunal Panchal

TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript which primarily provides optional static typing, classes, and interfaces. Many of us JS maniacs love typescript as its strongly typed. The State of Javascript survey states that more than 46% of users have Used it, would use again. Typescript is the 4th Most Loved, Dreaded, and Wanted Languages according to StackOverflow surveys 2018. Those are really good numbers for a language which is just a wrapper for javascript which provides statically typed superpowers.

While that being said, many of us still end up misusing typescript by very…

According to Octoverse 2017, Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code tops the list of Projects with the most contributors. Which implies that there are a lot many developers who absofreakinlutely love VS Code.
Here I have a list of extensions which might not make you a better developer, but for sure would make you feel like one!

Image from

A nifty little command would get me the list of VS code extensions I already have installed

$ code --list-extensionsalefragnani.project-manager

A wise man once said : GIFs and JPEGs speak louder than words

NPM Intellisense

It’s really exciting that ubuntu finally gets rid of Unity and switches to Gnome as its primary desktop environment. But some of the unity features are reproduced within Ubuntu 17.10.

What if you are the one who prefers the snappy gnome hot-corners over the fancy unity dock? Here is a one-liner to get the hot-corners back and to finally get rid of the dock

> sudo apt-get remove gnome-shell-extension-ubuntu-dock && gsettings set enable-hot-corners true

I bet dotenv is the easiest way out. You create a .env file and include this single line of code within your project :


And BAM !! You are done and good to go. But wait how secure is it ?

Recently many fake Malicious NPM packages were found which work the same way as the real ones, but they fetch your process environment files and send them to a third-party server when you install them.

This could be extremely dangerous as the your process environments could contain secret keys, tokens, DB strings and what not.

Solution ?

Try secure-env

The only…

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