Actual face of Make In India

India, one of the fastest growing startup ecosystem in the world has always been a hot place for software outsourcing and probably Human Resource outsourcing since the technology boom and we have always been proud of working for those Multi Billion dollar companies out there in U.S. and with those growing companies and the growing number of People migrating our country has always lacked talent here in our motherland.

And Finally we see Startup India here in our country with enthusiastic youth diving into different startups and trying to change the world with their own vision, but one basic thing which has always haunting me since I have been into the startup community right in the Heart of India(New Delhi), which is considered as the Hottest Startup Hub of India and an enormous number of startups are working out of different places solving different problems but even after this big startup ecosystem we just have 8 unicorns coming from India, leaving a big question mark on the startup ecosystem. what is that we are lacking? are we low on resources or don’t we have enough vision?. Well there can be a large number of questions on this but a very basic question which comes in our mind after this is that even after having such good talent in India, why are we still so dependent on global products or why can’t we make such good products here in India? This can be proved by a simple thing that even after such a startup boom unlike countries like Russia or even China, India has no base level startups like Youtube, Snapchat or Google. We haven’t still got a reliable e-mail service of our own or even a video hosting service, making us heavily dependent on services from giants like google, facebook, microsoft etc. This isn’t a matter of debate rather a point to think about why do we just want to run behind small things and still lack the basic big things which can be done right here in our country and if you analyse the way we are dependent on these global services which either come from USA or China, you will be stunned and infact this Blog comes from a US based company and 80% part of our life is regulated by companies abroad when they can be built right here, and this is really interesting that we wake up and first thing we check is our mobile phone built in China and its Operating System being designed and developed by a company abroad, and most of the applications inside are also foreign which are however developed by us Indians sitting in those foreign countries, this is a simple example of things we use everyday from showing off our life on Facebook or Snapchat to booking a cab using Uber or entertaining ourself on Youtube or Netflix.

So, my point here is not to get patriotic or to start hating those services or countries rather thinking beyond these, proven the fact that we are capable enough of creating world class products which can actually make this world a better place to live, which can be actually done by solving solve problems with a big vision and actually start “Make In India” but for the humanity, lets do a start, for a better society where people can sustain with love among each other backed by the genius technology being built right here for the whole world, making our selves self sufficient and a last note to all those genius people dreaming to move, trust me you can do it all right here in your own country and all you need to do is JUST BELIEVE, this is the only thing which makes us different from all of them, the ability to JUST BELIEVE.