The Night it all disappears

Days and Night, just everyday we fight

to make it work, maybe make it better

ringing it hard, just to make it right

doing it hard, even if it doesn’t matter

And One fine night, everything collides

leaving you with pain, you can’t deny

the pain so inexplicable, the pain so deep

but you don’t want it, neither did he

You wonder why, it did collide

the morning before, it all seemed fine

the thoughts are vanished, the nights not worked up

Mind stopped running behind them crazy

And thats when it all starts, The Game of Life

Some call it crazy, some an adventure undefined

you may deny, but it ll make you cry

it is that contract, you never signed

But in the amidst of the darkest nights, the gloomiest thoughts, the narrowest way forward Darkness Prevails, the Darkness Hail and it is its uprise.