Do you about Confirmation Bias?

It is a type of cognitive bias in which we tends to look only for the evidence which supports our intuition and belief and neglect all those cases where we may be wrong. It contributes to overconfidence and making poor decisions.

But why do we behave like this?

It seems that people like to believe on themselves and don’t want to change their views even when they are wrong!

They have so much confidence on their hypothesis that they neglect any sort of information which contradicts with their belief.

Consider this example - Imagine that a person holds a belief that left-handed people are more creative than right-handed people. Whenever this person encounters a person that is both left-handed and creative, they place greater importance on this evidence supporting their already existing belief. This individual might even seek proof that further backs up this belief while discounting examples that do not support this idea.

How to prevent yourself from this bias?

One of the ways is to question your intuitions, don’t just believe anything you hear. Whenever you are exposed to some new idea or fact make sure to ask yourself “Does this really works this way?”, “What is the proof about this evidence?”. Look for both sides of the believe.

Activate your slow thinking, analyse the situation and make better decisions.