Why you should Watch your Words

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We all use certain kind of words every day in our lives. But have you ever taken the time to notice what words do you actually use?

This is important because when you say something you are programming your brain to believe in it.

The words you consistently select will shape your destiny — Anthony Robbins

Think about what type of words you use throughout the day.

Do you say “I’m not good at this” or “I won’t be able to do that”?

Then you are just nurturing this belief. You won’t even try to learn or do better.

Remember, you always have a choice. Everything that is happening in your life is the result of the decisions you have made in the past, the choices you have made.

For a second, imagine yourself in a red dress. Now, imagine that your dress turns white.

Do you realize that you were able to switch between the two dresses in a split second?

This shows you have a choice!

Choose your words wisely, instead of saying “I can’t do this”, say “I will keep on trying”. Instead of saying “but that’s too hard”, say “it’s hard but that’s what is most exciting!”

Whether you think you can — or think you can’t — you’re right! — Henry Ford

How would you respond if I ask you “How are you?”

The answer to this question can be classified into three categories: negative, mediocre and positive.

The negative response includes phrases like “I’m tired”, “Thank God it’s Friday”, “Don’t ask”.

By saying “Thank God, it’s Friday” you are just saying that Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are bad days.

Just think about it for a moment, do you really want to spend your whole life like this? The life in which you hate half of the week?

The mediocre response includes phrases like “I’m okay”, “Fine”.

These responses show that your life is kind of OK but not as Awesome as it can be.

Now there’s a positive approach, the people who are enthusiastic say: “Fantastic!”, “Great!”, “Excellent!”.

Just reading these words gets me all fired up!

And when you respond to people in this way, they are also boosted.

Stop Complaining

How do you feel when someone around you complains all the time?

It doesn’t do any good to him and to you also. It just brings both of you down and out.

Gary Vaynerchuk says it even better:

Let me tell one thing to all of you complainers out there — Nobody Gives a Shit! — Gary Vaynerchuk

Yes, it’s true, nobody cares if you have a 104-degree fever. The only people who will listen to you are other complainers who will start to tell you what’s wrong in their lives.

That’s the game which complainers play all the time.

But you can do much better. Instead of dwelling you can look forward and see what’s good and how you can make it better.

When you are not spending time on worrying, you are spending time on executing! — Gary Vaynerchuk

I hope you got something better out of this post.

I would recommend you to read the book Attitude is Everything by Jeff Keller.

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